A Timely Reminder

A Timely Reminder

A Timely Reminder from your Committee

Your Committee are here to make MBTTA the best it can be for all.

If you have suggestions/ideas/feedback or would like a question answered you are welcome to speak to any committee member anytime also via email:-

Anthony president@mbtta.org
Andrew treasurer@mbtta.org
Greg operations@mbtta.org
Judy facilities@mbtta.org
Fiona general@mbtta.org
??? secretary@mbtta.org
To All Above committee@mbtta.org

The Secretary Position is currently available if anyone is keen to join us.

If you are looking for a sub; as you are unavailable to make your fixture night; please advise your appropriate Division Leader asap on the contact phone numbers you have been given:-  (Don’t let your team mates down, advise early so a sub hopefully can be found!)

Div 1:    Peter E
Div 2:    Keith W
Div 3:    Peter W
Div 4:    Marissa


See you when we are looking at you!

Your MBTTA Committee