AGM Postponement

AGM Postponement

Important Notice re MBTTA 2019 Annual General Meeting (A.G.M.)

FOR ATTN: Current MBTTA Members & Life Members

As all current MBTTA Members should be aware from the relevant Notice of Meeting, the Association’s (2019) Annual General Meeting (A.G.M)  was scheduled for this Friday, 27th March.  This Meeting was advertised to be held at the Club’s Centenary Lakes venue.

Given the existing Australian Government directives which currently require the ongoing closure of all Indoor Sports facilities and also outlaw most Public gatherings, the current MBTTA Committee considers that the Association is unfortunately not in a position to proceed with the A.G.M.  at this time. Furthermore - until more is known in regard to the ever-changing public health situation and the resultant Government bans - we are unable to determine at this point when this Meeting may be able to be conducted.

We will therefore endeavour to provide Members with further information on this matter at an appropriate time and once a decision has been able to be reached.

In the interim period we propose (and believe it both appropriate and necessary) that any MBTTA matters and decisions be dealt with by the Committee which was elected at the previous (2018) A.G.M. 

We thank you again for your support and in anticipation of your understanding given this highly-unusual situation.  

While we naturally hope that things may improve in the near future we certainly understand and appreciate that some of our fellow Members may be experiencing difficult and likely stressful personal situations at present (or may do so): If this is the case we hope that you may be able to reach out to us (or perhaps another Member within the Club) if it is felt that there may be something we may be assist you / them with. 

Should you have any queries or concerns in regard to any of these matters please contact us:   (or)


Tristan Clow                                       Anthony Jeffress
(MBTTA Secretary)                          (MBTTA President)