Fixture Playing Strategies

Fixture Playing Strategies

There many strategies people lean to when playing fixtures.  Check out the following tips.


Start of Play

MBTTA scoresheets are prefilled with the Home team playing the ABC side and the Away team playing the XYZ side.  For the Finals the side of play can be decided
by a coin toss between the Captains.

Captains should nominate the team's players to the equivalent letters - see Strategy for a suggestion.  Doubles combinations are enterd as play unfolds.

Captains to toss a coin with the winner choosing whether their team umpires first or second.


Strategically the experts favour the best player commencing the third round of singles, followed by the next best and the final match played by the third best player.

If given the choice, e.g. after the coin toss to decide which side each team plays in a Final, the XYZ option provides a slight advantage at the start.

If both teams play this strategy the scoresheet would look like the below.

End of Play

Captains to ensure ALL the team and individual results details are completed on the scoresheet, they both sign it and then return to the Control Desk.