Latest COVID-19 Restrictions

Latest COVID-19 Restrictions

COVID-19 Restriction and Guidelines

(as at 16 Jan 2021)

All players and Spectators to Check in on arrival using our QR Code that is displayed at the entry before entering the venue.
- Enter our venue with a mask on and keep it on please, we must adhere to all current rules regarding masks.
- When partaking in the strenuous exercise of your game, you are permitted to remove the mask however it must be put back on when game is completed. 
- All Subs must put their mask back on whilst on the side line.
- No post game handshakes

Unless proof of exemption can be supplied ALL VISITORS at our venue must wear a mask and make sure to enter and exit through the correct doors and sanitise upon arrival as well as social distance when not on court.

If you feel unwell STAY HOME.

Further guidance is available at the club.  We ask that you remain patient with us and those controlling the sessions.