MBTTA Closed Reminder

MBTTA Closed Reminder


  1. ENTRY to our 2019 CLOSED TOURNAMENT must be lodged before WEDNESDAY this week (Nov 13)!
  1. NEXT SEASON FIXTURES nomination close next Monday (Nov 18).


THINGS YOU NEED TO CHECK if you wish to play in either of these competitions:

-- CHECK that you have entered/nominated the competitions you wish to play in;

(DO NOT ASSUME that because you are a regular player you will be included. You NEED to tell us!)


-- CHECK that you are a current financial member;

(Nominations from players who have not paid their club membership fee will NOT be processed.)


-- CHECK that you do not owe any playing fees from a previous season;

(Nominations from players who owe playing fees from a previous season will NOT be processed.)


The sign-up desk for these competitions will be staffed on both Monday and Wednesday nights of this week. Please check in to ensure that everything is in order with your entry/nomination.

(If you are unable to do this you can alternatively email operations@mbtta.org with CLEAR instructions concerning your availability and/or which events you wish to enter.)



The 2019 Moreton Bay CLOSED will be held next week:


MON 18th Nov -- Divs 2 and 4, Singles and Doubles

WED 20th Nov -- Divs 1 and 3, Singles and Doubles

FRI 22nd Nov -- Over 40s, Junior, and Hard bat.


The final fixture season will commence the following week and run for four (4) weeks.