We are coming back!!!

We are coming back!!!

Well, if there's one thing we are learning of late, it's that a few days can seem like an eternity at the moment!

The GREAT news is that as things currently stand, our Moreton Bay Table Tennis Club will be looking to open for our Members for casual play and practice a bit earlier than previously thought! At this point the Committee has decided to aim for a recommencement date of Monday 8th June.

We ask that everyone please remain patient as we iron out the finer details (largely to ensure full compliance with the numerous State Government directives) ... but a here's a few snippets of what we are currently hoping to aim for with the first phase of re-opening (which is likely to be for 5 weeks) :

- We are going to limit ATTENDANCE and playing numbers at the Club to 16 BOOKED PLACES; and up to 4 Committee / Volunteers per session;

- We are looking to have an ON-LINE BOOKING SYSTEM which we will be releasing to our Members for your use from later this week. We will advise everyone once this is available.

- Although exact details around our initial opening session days / times are still being fine-tuned and finalised we are possibly looking at having TWO SESSIONS (1.5 hours) available on each Monday; Wednesday & Friday evening; plus ONE SESSION (up to 2 hours) on both Tuesday evening and Sunday afternoon.

- Due to anticipated heavy demand for places we are initially looking at setting a maximum of 2 SESSIONS PER PERSON, PER WEEK, and only CURRENT MBTTA Members will be eligible to reserve a place (we will monitor the situation to see if we need to adjust this after the first week of returning to play).

- Best of all (and given that we know how much everyone is hanging out for a hit!) we are going to make every session FREE OF CHARGE to our Members for this Return to Play period!

NOW ... with all of the above being said ... we are sure that players will also understand that in order to help with a smooth transition back to being able to play, we are going to be likely to NEED SOME ADDITIONAL HELP! Thanks to those who have already been in touch with offers of assistance: We can certainly use you to help in these early weeks!

In particular we are looking for:

* Up to 12 VOLUNTEERS this Saturday (6th June) from 1:00 - 3:30pm (approx) to help with cleaning and other preparations at the Club; also

* Up to 2 VOLUNTEERS for Monday, Wednesday & Friday evenings (one per Session); to be rostered to work alongside our Committee Members & Desk Controllers in providing general assistance and in particular, maintaining our attendance register and helping to manage other compliance matter as per the requirements which we are currently going to be obliged to adhere to [one idea would be to Volunteer for the night that you are wanting to come along and play, but for the alternate Session. eg, play in Session 1; but Volunteer in Session 2; or vice versa... However please note that generally - unless you are BOOKED or are a ROSTERED VOLUNTEER - you are not likely to be able to be in the venue].

If you are able to assist with any of the above (and we are hopeful many of you will be able to give us a few hours to help out at your Club!) please message or email :

Tristan Clow (secretary@mbtta.org) or
Anthony Jeffress (president @mbtta.org)

Remember, it's not long now until we will be back playing ... so please lend a hand or offer your assistance however you can to help us get back up and running!