WIT - 23 Mar 2019

WIT - 23 Mar 2019

Free nosh up

Yes, that’s right, no charge for members Tuesday 26th March. 

 It will be a fun night, but one that should not be missed by anyone, no matter what grade you play, or how good or bad you may be.

Hall opens at 6.00pm and cooked food will be ready by 6:30 .If you like raw meat, you can start eating before that.  On the menu will be fun, rules, serves, protocol, lets, nets and dropped balls with our own national umpire Will Almasi as the matre’d. 


We need someone who would like to be the night controller for 2 hours on a Monday night (6pm-8pm).  In return you get to play social table tennis at no cost any time during the week.  Members just remember without volunteers your club would not function, so give this call for help serious consideration.  If you need more information speak to Greg Beattie.


If you are returning or commencing to play fixture table tennis you will need to be on deck on Monday 25th or Wednesday 27th March. The season will run for 15 weeks.  There are 20 teams taking part, so we are expecting a busy year.

If you would like to get into fixtures gently, you can come and be graded, then put your name down as a substitute player.

The stadium is open Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday nights and Sunday afternoon for casual practice for all age groups.


This will be held on Friday 5th April commencing at 7.00 pm at the table tennis hall.  All financial members are entitled to attend and vote on issues that are on the agenda.  Free social play and food will be available on the night.


Will Almasi will be running an official TTQ course free of charge on Saturday 30th March from 9am to 2pm.  Successful participants will receive a badge and certificate certifying their new status.


If you need a substitute to take your place in the team, it is your responsibility to actually organize this.  There is a master list which gives players standings and you can ask anyone from 3 positions above your own standing or anyone below you on the scale to fill in for you. You can get more information on this and other matters on the club’s web page.  Should you need help, talk to Greg Beattie.


It has come to my notice that players are leaving cans, empty cups, chocolate wraps and other bits and pieces on the floor on and under the chairs during fixtures.  People, this is unfair, as we have no one who is paid to pick up after you, so please put your own rubbish away before you go home, there are bins available.